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I'm Steve Powell, thanks for visitng my website. My websites feature front end design with an emphasis on pictures and video. If you like my portfolio and would like to discuss how I might help you please send me an

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Buckeye Bop Club

The first website I designed- February, 2007. In 2012 it was completely redesigned and re-coded in HTML5.

Mobile Version of Buckeye Bop Club

This is not a seperate website. Rather code first detects the screen size of the devise. If it is a small screen, it goes to code for the mobile version but both the regular site and the moble use the same server side includes so there is only one to update.

Buckeye Bop Club Board

The Website Overview link describes the functions of the site, but because this is a password protected site the other content is not available.

Photographs by Steve

I designed this site for my photography. There are many services that will host and display your photographs, but I designed my own for two reasons. First, commercial services often contain "rights grabing" terms that switch ownership to them and then allow them to do whatever they want with what was your property and now is theirs. Even if this is not the case initially, they normally reserve the right to change the terms. Second, I wanted the ability to add a "story" link to each gallery that would act like the captions often found in traditional physical photo albumns.


Cheryl Felton became an indepent fitness instructor after being a franchisee for 20 years. This created a need for her own marketing. This website is a key component to letting people know about Cheryl, her services, and schedule of classes.

Buckeye Leathercrafters

This club contracted me in the fall of 2013 to completely redo their website. The site will be ramped up later since this club is hosting the International Federation in 2016 and will require much more information.

Helen Newmeyer Benefit Dance

This site was set up 5 weeks before the event and updated 2 and 3 times a day as information rolled it. The website was taken down shortly after the event and only exists here.

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